Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Children

Are you currently also troubled from your kids eating routine and searching for many healthy food recipes? Does your son or daughter does not eat his breakfast correctly and you’re busy determining some healthy food recipes in the morning? If so, take a look for many amazing healthy food recipes for children!

Corn parathas:

Filling and healthy, it is among individuals healthy food recipes that may eliminate your worries regarding your children’s diet because he will get a dosage of green spinach kneaded clearly within the dough without him even knowing.


  1. Wheat grains flour- cup
  2. Sweet corn ( crushed coarsely)- cup
  3. Green spinach( carefully chopped)- cup
  4. Eco-friendly chilies( chopped)- to taste
  5. Oil ( as an massaging + cooking)
  6. Mozzarella cheese (grated)- 5 tbsps


  1. Mix the wheat flour, green spinach, salt, corn and eco-friendly chilies inside a bowl and knead soft dough with water and tbsps of oil.
  2. Cover the dough having a wet muslin cloth and it aside for a while.
  3. Divide the dough into 10 equal parts and roll thin rotis.
  4. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of cheese on each roti, pay for it with another roti and press well.
  5. Prepare each paratha on the non-stick pan on sides till light brown colored.
  6. Serve hot.

Blueberry walnut pancake:

Among the healthy food recipes in the morning, it’s admired by kids and preferred among parents because of its high dietary value.


1. Plain flour- 1 cup

2. Blueberry (mashed)- 2 number

3. Walnut( carefully chopped)- cup

4. Milk- cup

5. Castor sugar- 4 tbsps

6. Vanilla essence- tbsps

7. Baking powder- tbsps

8. Melted butter- 1 tablespoon

9. Jam for everyone Procedure:

1. Mix all of the elements inside a smooth batter.

2. Spread cup from the batter inside a heated non-stick pan making a thick pancake.

3. Prepare with butter till golden brown.

4. Serve hot with jam or honey.

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